August 07, 2010

(( Wonderful ))

Wonderbra :-) !!! Now, the name says it all. A new way of advertising. A naughty way of advertising. A refreshingly different advertising surprise. That is what Wonderbra branding has given us, shown us and made us hear.

These ads peeped through the silly cracks of our mind with hidden smiles soaked in naughty suspense. Instead of showing us bras or half-bared breasts, they just featured the ‘victims’ of Wonderbra. This unique approach helped them grab a world-wide attention soon. You will love it, or you may love to hate it. But one thing is sure -most of these ads are proof for creativity. So, get ready for a hot, funny, creative journey. Search the big wonders’ right after the jump … : )))

No Daddy .... No !!

Let silly men waste their time developing their brains. There is a better way to target the corporate ladder. Women can develop b****   :-) instead of brains

Blessing in blindness : p

Shock Laga laga........  Shock Laga !!!

Ohh  MGod !!

Naturally .....!!

Best Way 2 get more friends !!! :-)