August 03, 2011

This is not advertising... but this is the best advertising ever.


‘Values stronger than steel’, with this whopping campaign TATA again win the heart of each Tata fan. In every communication they are highlighting that ‘this is not advertising, but I think this is the best campaign ever done in India after “Reliance Silent National Anthem’ which talks about the People, their Values, their Success, their Struggle, their ethos, their unity and last but not the least their relationship.

Tata steel , world 7Th largest steelmaker  has growing with a profit by 14 percent in the May-June period to 1.5 million tones Of the group's total annual global capacity of about 28 million tones which includes Cores, Europe's second-largest steelmaker, the Indian operations account for about a quarter.

So to celebrate this, Tata want to reach every citizen heart in India citizens to reinforce company's image as cutting edge, global major dedicated to social, economic sustainability, green-technology and community empowerment with Tata's own achievers like R&D Chief- Mark Denys, head of Tata Steel Adventure Foundation - Bachendri Pal, the young talent in Archery talent Deepika Kumari, etc.

I loved this beautiful campaign, great work by O&M.

What did you think?

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